Sample Report

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Pinnacle Home Inspection serves the following areas:

Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Bella Vista, and surrounding areas.


The inspector will make every attempt to walk on and inspect the roof from the roof, carefully walk through every part of the attic, and if present, every part of the crawl space. Every accessible window will be opened, every accessible electrical receptacle tested, and every electrical panel opened to inspect the interiors. All visible plumbing will be turned on and examined for leaks. Heating and cooling units, along with most appliances will be inspected and run through a simple series of tests to verify function. This is just a portion of the inspection, but it is an example of the thoroughness that Pinnacle Home Inspection strives for. Overall, there are 84 possible categories that are reported on in each home inspection report.


Clients are more than welcome to follow the inspector. Due to the concentration required to perform a thorough and accurate inspection, the inspector will complete the inspection before reviewing the findings and answering any of your questions. 

If your schedule does not permit you to attend all of the inspection, a second option is for you to arrive near the end of the inspection. If this option is better suited to your schedule, we still recommend you come in order to see the photos and hear the explanation of the findings first hand. The inspector will explain all of the issues using the pictures taken. You will find the onsite explanation to be more helpful when reading through the report on your own. The inspector may take 80-150 pictures to verify that all areas have been inspected. These often include pictures of the top of the roof, the back side of the attic, the corners opposite the crawl space's access entry, open electrical panels, functioning gas fireplaces, etc.

Finally, if you're not able to attend; the inspection report contains enough detailed information and accompanying pictures to help you understand the inspectors findings and recommendations. Typically, the inspection report will be emailed to you, and if you wish, to your agent, by the end of the day.


Below are some things you will find to be true about every home inspection.

  • The house is in a particular condition. Finding and expressing that condition, simply and accurately is the basis for a quality home inspection.
  • Each house will have minor cosmetic flaws, which are not considered issues, and therefore irrelevant to a home inspection.
  • The house will have issues. I have yet to inspect a house that did not have some issues. This includes new houses. Subcontractors sometimes forget to complete a task. Note: I have found some very surprising problems on new construction.
  • Many issues found are simply maintenance issues. These typically are not a cause for major concern and shouldn't prevent a house from being purchased.
  • There will be room for improvements or upgrades to the house. Such recommendations to add, adjust, or improve some components are not intended for the sellers to take care of. These suggestions, to buyers, are based on the building industry having a better understanding of safety, advancements in technology, improvements in materials, or a better understanding of the building sciences.  


When you are ready to schedule an inspection, you should have the following information ready:

  1. Client's name or names that will be on the inspection report. If the purchase is being made by a group of investors, trustee, parents for college student, or for elderly parents, then fill one of the following: "Name of the LLC (In care of: legal investor's name); If it is a trust, then "Name of the trust (In care of: legal trustee's name); Purchase for a college student or elderly parent, then "College student or elderly parents name (In care of: legal buyer's name).
  2. The full address of property to be inspected.
  3. The client's cell phone number & email address. If more than one email address is sent, then the report will be emailed to each of those email addresses.
  4. Your Real Estate agent's name, cell phone, & email address
  5. The square footage of structure being inspected (Pricing is based on the square footage of the house, with an added fee if over a crawl space.)
  6. Other inspections that are available: Lawn sprinkler system, Outbuildings (detached garage, pool house, barn, shop.)


Shortly after scheduling your inspection, you will be sent two emails. The first will be an introductory letter with information about the inspection. The second email, which will follow shortly after the first, contains the online "Inspection Agreement" for you to eSign. It will simply say: "Please review and sign Pinnacle Home Inspection Agreement." The attached document can be reviewed on your computer, signed by typing your name, and then returned with the push of a button. A PDF version of the signed Inspection Agreement will be sent to your email address immediately after completing it.

For more information on a home inspector's responsibilities you can visit Arkansas Home Inspection Registration Board's website at: This site contains information about Arkansas's Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

There are several important details that the owner's and/or their representatives need to be aware of for the inspection to get started properly. They include the following: 

  • Vacant House - A letter will be sent to your real estate agent to verify that the utilities (water, gas, electric) will be "On" prior to the inspection.
  • Occupied House - The homeowner must know and agree to the inspection date, time, and be made aware of the length of the inspection. The inspection time will be stated in the confirmation emails.
  • Provisions should also be made to safely secure all family pets. Please inform sellers, it is not safe to assume any pet will be friendly to a stranger.
  • Typically, your real estate agent will verify that the inspector will have access to the premises (open gate or gate code), the house itself, and other potentially locked areas such as: crawl spaces, attics, storage areas, and outbuildings if applicable.
  • The following forms of payment will be accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover Network, Debit cards, checks, and cash. Payment can be made at the inspection or the inspector will call you after the inspection to get a credit or debit card number. The inspection report will not be released until the inspection agreement has been signed, returned, and payment received.


Pinnacle's software was developed from the ground up in order to present clients with a compact, user friendly report. Providing a detailed, easily read inspection report was paramount in the design process. A typical report will be 12-15 pages long and divided into 3 sections. The first section contains a cover page, a brief letter, followed by 4 pages containing the 84 inspected categories. The second part, the "Report Summary", is often 1-3 pages long. This part of the report itemizes and presents the issues in a very descriptive summary form. Each issue listed in the summary receives a photo and a numeric rating, scaling each issue from 0 - (not a concern) up to S - (immediate concern). The final section contains FYI Photos describe a location,  verify function, or proof an area had been inspected. The report will be emailed by the end of the day.